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…to Edinburgh Napier’s Sunset Song website. As part of the MSc Publishing programme for 2009/2010, we published Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s best-loved novel, Sunset Song.

We decided to make this classic text, one of Scotland’s best-loved books, available as both a free paperback book and – for the first time in the UK – a free eBook (download from this website).

This book is designed to respect and to pay homage to the land which inspired the Grassic Gibbon novel – the rural farming community of The Mearns, in North East Scotland.

To do this, we have included photographs of the landscape and family life as it was at the time. We have also added a Scots glossary and discussion of Grassic Gibbon’s language. In addition, we have commissioned forewords from several individuals, most notably from Vivien Heilbron, the actress who played the heroine, Chris Guthrie, in the hugely successful TV adaptation.

In order to truly pay tribute to the landscape, and people, who inspired Grassic Gibbon’s work, we have decided to literally bring the book home. As part of an ambitious and unique project, we are distributing free copies to households and communities across the whole Mearns region. In this way we will be returning the book to its roots in the year of the 75th anniversary of Grassic Gibbon’s death.

If you are not lucky enough to live in North East Scotland, we are also producing a free eBook that will be available to download to your computer or to an eBook reader anywhere in the world. Our eBook has been designed to bring the landscape of Sunset Song to life on the screen, with colour illustrations for every chapter that make the story even more vivid and the same fascinating insights from those people who know this book best.

Bringing such a well-loved and beautifully written book through to publication has been an incredible and challenging adventure for all of us on the course and we hope that you enjoy reading the book, or the eBook, just as much as we have enjoyed producing them.

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  1. Sounds great, keep up the good work!

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